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Dear friends and readers,


Thank you for your continued support of my writing.  As mentioned in my speech at the Decatur Book Festival recently, this is a group effort and you are a part of that group.  Would it not for you, my efforts would be near fruitless.


Many of you, including my mother, are wondering just when I will be finished with the third book in The Port Honor Series.  Although, I cannot seem to settle on a specific date, I can tell you that the writing portion of the book is done and it has a name.  The Price of Honor is now in the hands of my editors and I am anxiously awaiting their critiques.


I have baited you all along with the promise that I would answer the question as to why Aunt Gayle never married and I hope that you will find the answer to the question satisfactory.  Please click on the "Books" link above and be among the first to see what will on the back jacket of The Price of Honor.


I love hearing from readers.  Each of your opinions is valuable to me.  Again, you are a part of the group and what you have to say helps make me better at what I do.  That being said, please feel free to contact me through this website or through my Facebook Page, TS Dawson, and as always please leave a review on



TS Dawson



"Port Honor"

"In Search of Honor"

"The Price of Honor"

When I Was Green (The Wrightsboro Hunt Series)

A Horse of a Different Color: The Second Book in The Wrightsboro Hunt Series

My Summer with the Senator

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