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Born and raised in Jefferson County, Georgia, I first left home for college at age eighteen. I headed off to Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia for my freshman year and  finished up at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia where I received my Bachelor's of Science in History.

While in college I became familiar with both the mountains of north Georgia and the lake country of middle Georgia. I worked at a number of restaurants and one golf and country club on Lake Oconee. After college, I moved to the Atlanta area and have worked as paralegal for the last fifteen years. In that same time I have become a wife and mother. Over the years I have had a fabulous time of meeting a world of people, hearing their stories and making some of my own. I feel the time has come to share a few of those stories.

Now, to tell you a little more about me; some of my friends joke that I am as country as a turnip-seed and that I must have been conceived in a trailer. Well it's true, I was. Some joke that I am so Southern that I was surely in a jug band at one point. That's not true, if I had messed with my mother's jug or washboard, I would have been in big trouble. Those were just for decoration, you know. I know the true meaning of "bless your heart" and just when to use it. I know the difference in the terms "naked" and "nekkid" and not just because Lewis Grizzard defined them for me. I am a Southerner, and pretty proud of it. In my writing, I hope you to find an escape to my version of the South.

Thank you again for your time.
T.S. Dawson

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