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The Price of Honor

The third book in the Port Honor series.


In the third installment of The Port Honor Series, it is 1975. Millie is a baby. George and Jane Anderson, patriarch and matriarch of the family, are alive and well and Aunt Gayle is a normal but naive teenager with overprotective parents hovering over her every move. Their ordinary lives in rural Georgia are suddenly shattered by the tragic death of Millie's father and none are more bitter about the circumstances than young Gayle .


Amidst the storm that is Gayle's life, comes a rainbow. The rainbow is Noah Walden, the handsome man in the crisp uniform from the Air Force color guard that plays Taps at her brother's funeral. From the first three notes that rang out in the sultry summer air, she was his. Is there a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow with a promise of a future with this magnificent man?


Sadly, rainbows fade and pots of gold are mythical. The Price of Honor answers the question as to why Aunt Gayle, a striking  woman with a successful veterinary career, kept her heart locked away and potential suitors at bay, until...

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