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When I Was Green

(The Wrightsboro Hunt Series)

Secrets and lies have haunted Lucy Meeks from her earliest memories. But, the summer of her sweet sixteen is a new beginning. Lucy starts her first job, gets her first car, and experiences her first kiss.


Edward, a handsome and athletic horseback riding instructor sets Lucy’s heart on fire for the very first time. Lucy is not the only one smitten with his sensual appeal and she may just have to stand in line. Wise beyond his years, Edward helps Lucy unravel the mysterious questions of her past. Why did her father kill himself? Was it her fault? What is her mother not telling her? Who would have ever believed that such a small town could keep the answers hidden?


Set in the modest rural community of Thomson, Georgia, When I Was Green vividly depicts Lucy’s brave journey in the summer of 1996. With Edward’s help, Lucy is determined to face whatever she finds! You’ll want to follow every step of this fiery young lady as the diary of buried secrets is unlocked before her very eyes.

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