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A Horse of a Different Color

The Second Book in The Wrightsboro Hunt Series

In the second book of The Wrightsboro Hunt Series, A Horse of a Different Color, we return to the picturesque town of Thomson, Georgia, a land of horses and pastures and fox hunting. We return to the members of The Wrightsboro Hunt and we find the answer to the question, what did the letter say?

Again centered around the fictional fox hunting club The Wrightsboro Hunt, not only do we find answers to the questions left unanswered by When I Was Green, but A Horse of a Different Color brings new questions and challenges to Edward and Lucy.


Is Lucy still Green and despite the challenges of distance, age difference and unthinkable acts of violence, will Edward find his way back to her? Edward must learn to live with the consequences of the choices he's made and how they effect those closest to him.


A Horse of a Different Color continues the riveting young love story of Edward and Lucy while tackling the challenges of family and growing up.

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