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Like the captain of a vessel, there had been one man that charted the course of Amelia’s life, her grandfather, and now he was gone. Just when she was learning to navigate on her own, along came Gabriel.

What began as a job interview for small town college student Amelia Anderson turned out to be so much more. Upon sight of her future boss, she was captivated. Was it the thrill of young love, forbidden fruit or was Gabriel Hewitt the moon to her tide? The pull toward him was undeniable. Gabriel was older, wiser, more experienced in the ways of the world and unlike any of the college boys. He was a man, a real man.

Port Honor is the story of first love and rising to the occasion when it comes to the challenges life presents.

More About the Book:




As a first time novelist, Dawson exhibits a natural instinct for the craft of writing.  She uses familiar language and realistic dialog to draw the reader into the intriguing tale of a young college student’s journey into adulthood.  Dawson breathes new life into a decade that vanished right before our eyes.  But, this is more than a mere reminiscence of the 90’s for members of Generation X.  It’s a mature story of love and loss; about sex and secrets, and coming to terms with one’s past while fighting for tomorrow’s dreams. 

-S.M. , Atlanta Georgia


​I just finished reading Port Honor, by T. S. Dawson, and loved it.  The author's style brings to mind a delightful combination of the southern charm and sweetness of Eugenia Price mixed with the witticism and humor of Fannie Flag and a dash of E. L. James thrown in for some added kick.  It's like a pecan pie spiked with a little bourbon...yummy. I can't wait to read what Dawson serves up next!

-D. Goss, Tucker, Georgia

I recently read the book Port Honor by T.S. Dawson.  I must admit that going into it I was fearful.  I work with Dawson and when asked to read it, my first thoughts were, “What if I don’t like it?  How will I tell her?  What do I say?”  Once I began reading, all fears were laid to rest.  I could not put it down!  I was so thrilled to be able to report back and honestly tell her how fantastic it was.

The story is very interesting and Dawson does an amazing job of character development as well as depicting each setting.  I was left feeling as though I were watching it unfold as opposed to reading it.  I am an avid reader so I can attest to the fact that her book is better than most I have read.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I am anxiously awaiting her next book!

-A. Saunders, Buford, Georgia

“Port Honor” is chock-full of interesting characters and complex plot twists and turns as only found rooted in families of the deep South.  It is very easy to relive, through Millie and Gabe, the emotional roller coaster of a first love.  Dawson’s use of history, colorful descriptive writing and warm vibrant Southern heritage make “Port Honor” a captivating read.  Having seen just a small glimpse into the lives of folks such as Jay, Aunt Gayle, Cara, Rudy and others, I am anxious to find out where they go and how their lives continue to intertwine.  At the end, “Port Honor” will leave you on the edge of your seat seeking answers to life-changing questions.  Great first effort from a true Southern Belle!

-Susie, Kennesaw, Georgia



Dawson's book reminded me of the first time I felt butterflies and the innocence of young love.  The anticipation that something exciting is about to happen will make you feel like a teenager again.

-Susanne Smith, Lilburn, Georgia


Some people write Southern Satire.  Some write Romance novels.  Dawson has done both and admirably.  This book makes you want to read it.

-D. Harper, Thomson, Georgia


I just finished reading the manuscript of Port Honor…by my niece! Who knew we had an aspiring author in the family? The book is fascinating and I was hooked after page one. Never you mind that I am related to the author, read it because I am telling you it’s a real treat of a book! I am originally from the area where the story is based and she paints vivid images and describes the locale to a tee. See for yourself.
-Betty Smith, Marietta, Georgia

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